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Lewis Clark Hard Way - 9/17/2020

TeamWin %GamesWinsLosses
Division: A
Huddle 145870.030219
Zoo 2029368.9453114
Plant 00760.0452718
Shooters 5855.6452520
Wooden Nickel 9953.3301614
Sports Edition 253.3452421
Shooters 2253.3452421
Wooden Nickel 1451.1452322
Huddle 15148.9452223
Shooters 1044.4452025
Shooters 131540.0451827
Plant 24737.8451728
Zoo 42037.8451728
Shooters 8133.3451530

Most Improved Players for week 3, Cricket / 200 games:

PlayerTeamPrevious MPRMPRMPR Improvement
Ed OdellShooters 811.692.150.46
Jessie BakerSports Edition 21.742.190.45
Tom DufvenbergShooters 581.531.920.39

Cricket / 200 games, sorted by MPR:

Jonny CarlsonZoo 202934.149611223410
Doug LikkelShooters 583.639420124300
Larry EttlPlant 0073.363020011000
John Roach{Substitutes}3.173110011100
Steve BolesZoo 4203.179131053300
Travis OglesbyWooden Nickel 992.966210041100
Tyler MathewsWooden Nickel 142.929320030100
Rhonda MaderShooters 222.859050001300
Jeremy KrewerPlant 2472.809110022100
Mark StoreySports Edition 22.739140030100
Chuck ClantonSports Edition 22.719140013200
Casey Anderson{Substitutes}2.716140011001
George RileyHuddle 14582.676040010100
Trevor RamseyShooters 812.639110052100
Josh GehrigHuddle 14582.546130033000
Ashley ZennerShooters 222.529140031100
Chad CurryHuddle 1512.509041032000
Skip PerkinsShooters 13152.489211030200
Sam MckeeZoo 202932.479070010110
Steven RobinettPlant 0072.459521010100
Allen MeyerShooters 13152.456110012000
Bryan NygaardWooden Nickel 142.459140021000
Chris Sanford{Substitutes}2.423210001000
Shawn RobertsHuddle 1512.369040021100
Aric Johnson{Substitutes}2.233010010000
Kyle Riggers{Substitutes}2.203010001000
Lisa CurryHuddle 1512.199310021100
Jessie BakerSports Edition 22.199320021100
Ed CookePlant 0072.189070011100
Brianne BenderShooters 582.186130001000
Logan DuggerShooters 222.169231010000
Dave BarnesSports Edition 22.159050000000
Ed OdellShooters 812.159020001100
Tony OrtizHuddle 14582.146131010000
Zane Martin{Substitutes}2.113110000000
Terry HuntHuddle 1512.119131010000
Kasey Watson{Substitutes}2.073010010000
Mamadou MbodjiShooters 102.046010000000
Jessica RamseyShooters 811.999110011000
Steve MooreShooters 101.989120002100
Greg MaderShooters 101.979030000100
Tom DufvenbergShooters 581.929060000000
Adam WinterPlant 2471.899020010000
DeShawn CephusZoo 4201.879220020000
Niki PaytonShooters 13151.859030000100
Brandon OsburnWooden Nickel 991.846120002000
Robert StaytonZoo 202931.839160020000
Tyler ReddWooden Nickel 141.829050011000
Linda HollaceShooters 581.829060000100
Jay BreauxPlant 0071.769160010010
Debbie BolesZoo 4201.769040010000
Jeff MooreWooden Nickel 991.753020000000
DJ Potter{Substitutes}1.733010000000
Andrew KinzerWooden Nickel 141.729140000000
Josh GreggShooters 13151.709030010000
Aaron LindquistPlant 2471.699020010001
Jennifer WinterPlant 2471.669110010000
Kelly SkinnerShooters 221.609230010000
Satara KolbZoo 202931.579070000000
Rae RiendeauZoo 4201.579130020100
Myra PresnellShooters 811.389020001000
Lynn FairleyShooters 101.376120010000
Lisa Davison{Substitutes}1.253000000000
Scott MooreWooden Nickel 991.253020000000

Most Improved Players for week 3, All X01 games:

PlayerTeamPrevious PPDPPDPPD Improvement
Trevor RamseyShooters 8120.8022.781.98
Steve BolesZoo 42027.0228.971.95
Rae RiendeauZoo 42015.4516.380.93

All X01 games, sorted by PPD:

Jonny CarlsonZoo 2029334.60141512817002300
Steve BolesZoo 42028.978152257000001
Aric Johnson{Substitutes}27.8435082000000
Doug LikkelShooters 5827.6111150326000100
Steven RobinettPlant 00726.467150178000000
Skip PerkinsShooters 131526.264150256000000
Rhonda MaderShooters 2225.298151361000000
Travis OglesbyWooden Nickel 9925.134100165000000
John Roach{Substitutes}24.8845073000000
Tyler MathewsWooden Nickel 1424.5211150320000000
Ashley ZennerShooters 2224.304150245000000
Terry HuntHuddle 15123.963150195000000
Bryan NygaardWooden Nickel 1423.425150184000000
Chuck ClantonSports Edition 223.387150234000000
Greg MaderShooters 1023.375150243000000
Shawn RobertsHuddle 15123.305150165000000
Zane Martin{Substitutes}23.1915080000000
Allen MeyerShooters 131522.864100123000000
Chris Sanford{Substitutes}22.8335071000000
Trevor RamseyShooters 8122.785150177000000
Jeremy KrewerPlant 24722.666150163000000
Mark StoreySports Edition 222.482150243000000
Josh GehrigHuddle 145822.375100181000000
Casey Anderson{Substitutes}22.253100183000000
Jennifer WinterPlant 24722.203151212000000
Jessie BakerSports Edition 221.927150152000000
Kyle Riggers{Substitutes}21.7225060000000
Mamadou MbodjiShooters 1021.696100122000000
Tom DufvenbergShooters 5821.194150171000000
Sam MckeeZoo 2029321.135150190000000
Logan DuggerShooters 2220.965150150000000
Tony OrtizHuddle 145820.944100101000000
Chad CurryHuddle 15120.494150172000000
Larry EttlPlant 00720.4615061000000
Jessica RamseyShooters 8120.315150124000000
Brandon OsburnWooden Nickel 9920.025100150000000
Dave BarnesSports Edition 219.882150172000000
Robert StaytonZoo 2029319.865150113000000
Andrew KinzerWooden Nickel 1419.832151140000000
Niki PaytonShooters 131519.592150130000000
Jay BreauxPlant 00719.444150101000000
George RileyHuddle 145819.22410072000000
Aaron LindquistPlant 24719.216150200000000
DJ Potter{Substitutes}19.0515140000000
Ed CookePlant 00718.995150122000000
Jeff MooreWooden Nickel 9918.9615060000000
Lisa CurryHuddle 15118.926150131000000
Linda HollaceShooters 5818.911150122000000
Ed OdellShooters 8118.86315151000000
Steve MooreShooters 1018.33115091000000
Brianne BenderShooters 5818.05210072000000
Debbie BolesZoo 42018.041150102000000
Tyler ReddWooden Nickel 1418.020150110000000
Adam WinterPlant 24717.95015090000000
Josh GreggShooters 131517.73215060000000
DeShawn CephusZoo 42017.12215070000000
Kelly SkinnerShooters 2216.63215071000000
Lynn FairleyShooters 1016.56110041000000
Rae RiendeauZoo 42016.38215050000000
Myra PresnellShooters 8115.32015020000000
Satara KolbZoo 2029314.98015040000000
Scott MooreWooden Nickel 9914.2005010000000
Lisa Davison{Substitutes}13.4205010000000
Kasey Watson{Substitutes}13.3415020000000

Lewis Clark Hard Way Out Schedule


If You're Viewing This on a Mobile Phone

You may find it easier to view the standings and schedule by rotating your phone into landscape mode.

C & B Music

Lewis Clark Hard Way - Player Dues $10.00 - Game Time 7:30pm
***No Play Thursday November 26th for Thanksgiving***

  Huddle 1458Shooters 81Huddle Tavern 
  Plant 007Zoo 420Plant Bar And Grill 
  Shooters 10Wooden Nickel 99Shooters 
  Shooters 22Shooters 58Shooters 
  Wooden Nickel 14Shooters 1315Wooden Nickel 
  Zoo 20293Plant 247Zoo 
  Sports Edition 2Huddle 151Sports Edition 
  Sports Edition 2Shooters 81Sports Edition 
  Huddle 151Zoo 20293Huddle Tavern 
  Plant 247Wooden Nickel 14Plant Bar And Grill 
  Shooters 1315Shooters 22Shooters 
  Shooters 58Shooters 10Shooters 
  Wooden Nickel 99Plant 007Wooden Nickel 
  Zoo 420Huddle 1458Zoo 
  Shooters 81Zoo 420Shooters 
  Huddle 1458Wooden Nickel 99Huddle Tavern 
  Plant 007Shooters 58Plant Bar And Grill 
  Shooters 10Shooters 1315Shooters 
  Shooters 22Plant 247Shooters 
  Wooden Nickel 14Huddle 151Wooden Nickel 
  Zoo 20293Sports Edition 2Zoo 
  Zoo 20293Shooters 81Zoo 
  Sports Edition 2Wooden Nickel 14Sports Edition 
  Huddle 151Shooters 22Huddle Tavern 
  Plant 247Shooters 10Plant Bar And Grill 
  Shooters 1315Plant 007Shooters 
  Shooters 58Huddle 1458Shooters 
  Wooden Nickel 99Zoo 420Wooden Nickel 
  Shooters 81Wooden Nickel 99Shooters 
  Zoo 420Shooters 58Zoo 
  Huddle 1458Shooters 1315Huddle Tavern 
  Plant 007Plant 247Plant Bar And Grill 
  Shooters 10Huddle 151Shooters 
  Shooters 22Sports Edition 2Shooters 
  Wooden Nickel 14Zoo 20293Wooden Nickel 
  Wooden Nickel 14Shooters 81Wooden Nickel 
  Zoo 20293Shooters 22Zoo 
  Sports Edition 2Shooters 10Sports Edition 
  Huddle 151Plant 007Huddle Tavern 
  Plant 247Huddle 1458Plant Bar And Grill 
  Shooters 1315Zoo 420Shooters 
  Shooters 58Wooden Nickel 99Shooters 
  Shooters 81Shooters 58Shooters 
  Wooden Nickel 99Shooters 1315Wooden Nickel 
  Zoo 420Plant 247Zoo 
  Huddle 1458Huddle 151Huddle Tavern 
  Plant 007Sports Edition 2Plant Bar And Grill 
  Shooters 10Zoo 20293Shooters 
  Shooters 22Wooden Nickel 14Shooters 
  Shooters 22Shooters 81Shooters 
  Wooden Nickel 14Shooters 10Wooden Nickel 
  Zoo 20293Plant 007Zoo 
  Sports Edition 2Huddle 1458Sports Edition 
  Huddle 151Zoo 420Huddle Tavern 
  Plant 247Wooden Nickel 99Plant Bar And Grill 
  Shooters 1315Shooters 58Shooters 
  Shooters 81Shooters 1315Shooters 
  Shooters 58Plant 247Shooters 
  Wooden Nickel 99Huddle 151Wooden Nickel 
  Zoo 420Sports Edition 2Zoo 
  Huddle 1458Zoo 20293Huddle Tavern 
  Plant 007Wooden Nickel 14Plant Bar And Grill 
  Shooters 10Shooters 22Shooters 
  Shooters 10Shooters 81Shooters 
  Shooters 22Plant 007Shooters 
  Wooden Nickel 14Huddle 1458Wooden Nickel 
  Zoo 20293Zoo 420Zoo 
  Sports Edition 2Wooden Nickel 99Sports Edition 
  Huddle 151Shooters 58Huddle Tavern 
  Plant 247Shooters 1315Plant Bar And Grill 
  Shooters 81Plant 247Shooters 
  Shooters 1315Huddle 151Shooters 
  Shooters 58Sports Edition 2Shooters 
  Wooden Nickel 99Zoo 20293Wooden Nickel 
  Zoo 420Wooden Nickel 14Zoo 
  Huddle 1458Shooters 22Huddle Tavern 
  Plant 007Shooters 10Plant Bar And Grill 
  Plant 007Shooters 81Plant Bar And Grill 
  Shooters 10Huddle 1458Shooters 
  Shooters 22Zoo 420Shooters 
  Wooden Nickel 14Wooden Nickel 99Wooden Nickel 
  Zoo 20293Shooters 58Zoo 
  Sports Edition 2Shooters 1315Sports Edition 
  Huddle 151Plant 247Huddle Tavern 
  Shooters 81Huddle 151Shooters 
  Plant 247Sports Edition 2Plant Bar And Grill 
  Shooters 1315Zoo 20293Shooters 
  Shooters 58Wooden Nickel 14Shooters 
  Wooden Nickel 99Shooters 22Wooden Nickel 
  Zoo 420Shooters 10Zoo 
  Huddle 1458Plant 007Huddle Tavern 
  Shooters 81Huddle 1458Shooters 
  Zoo 420Plant 007Zoo 
  Wooden Nickel 99Shooters 10Wooden Nickel 
  Shooters 58Shooters 22Shooters 
  Shooters 1315Wooden Nickel 14Shooters 
  Plant 247Zoo 20293Plant Bar And Grill 
  Huddle 151Sports Edition 2Huddle Tavern