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Port City Hard Way - 9/17/2020

TeamWin %GamesWinsLosses
Division: A
Shooters 121262.2452817
Pals 0157.8452619
Shooters 42057.8452619
Plant 6953.3452421
Zoo 9853.3452421
Plant 1253.3452421
Wooden Nickel 80648.9452223
Charlies House 177648.9452223
Shooters 31244.4452025
Charlies House 101044.4452025
Zoo 3342.2451926
Shooters 50533.3451530

Most Improved Players for week 3, All Cricket games:

PlayerTeamPrevious MPRMPRMPR Improvement
Tyler BezdicekZoo 983.153.530.38
Austin SeidemanWooden Nickel 8062.002.330.33
Yolanda ReedShooters 5051.752.070.32

All Cricket games, sorted by MPR:

Kurt SchurmanPals 013.639230033600
Tyler BezdicekZoo 983.539232062301
Justin HeustisPlant 123.499121025200
Meretab FelekeShooters 5053.249221030200
Ernie ChandlerPlant 693.119150052201
Mark SchladerZoo 333.046120022200
Joe MitchellZoo 332.749220021200
Cameron BerglundWooden Nickel 8062.739320030210
Reece QualeyShooters 4202.699050023200
Casey Anderson{Substitutes}2.673110001100
Chad Trautman{Substitutes}2.623020030000
Kevin Brooks JrShooters 5052.579220030000
Ryan VincentShooters 12122.509140011201
Larry MatthewsShooters 3122.459240043000
Russell VincentShooters 12122.3812420041000
Dustin HallPlant 692.376130020000
Steve DavisCharlies House 17762.339110040000
Austin SeidemanWooden Nickel 8062.339140020101
Kevin DarrarCharlies House 10102.339130050000
Andrew LosethShooters 4202.319320031000
Jared PetersShooters 3122.279240012000
Mike TeigenCharlies House 17762.279110022000
Steve PresnellShooters 12122.229050021100
Ron TeigenCharlies House 17762.119020021000
Mike Musick{Substitutes}2.093120000000
Yolanda ReedShooters 5052.079040011000
Tawanna BolesShooters 4202.019230011100
Dennis AndersonCharlies House 10102.009220030000
Becca HermanShooters 4201.959050010000
Lincoln CarterWooden Nickel 8061.919140011000
Jake Lohman{Substitutes}1.913100000000
Pete BroylesShooters 3121.909240021100
Paul FosterCharlies House 10101.909040002000
Scott BurgessShooters 3121.909060020000
Jim RobertsZoo 331.879130000100
Shelby BozzutoWooden Nickel 8061.859050030000
Kelli ChandlerPlant 691.803020000000
Brett WalkerZoo 981.669230001010
Laura CoughenourPals 011.659050010000
Nick ObermeyerPlant 691.606220000000
Kaity Davis{Substitutes}1.603020010000
Josh GlassZoo 981.599050000100
Dylan HoaglandPlant 121.546000000000
Jason PagePals 011.486130010000
Amber Cassity{Substitutes}1.486020010000
Dani StameyCharlies House 10101.479130010000
Breanna JenksZoo 981.479140000100
Rod JacobsPlant 691.436130010000
Tammy IversonPlant 121.419030030000
Matt JacksonPals 011.389140000100
Suguru FujiwaraShooters 12121.389050000000
Larry HeustisPlant 121.259120010000
Sam MillerShooters 5051.219040000000
Jeni DavisCharlies House 17761.029020000000

Most Improved Players for week 3, All X01 games:

PlayerTeamPrevious PPDPPDPPD Improvement
Dennis AndersonCharlies House 101017.5018.831.33
Joe MitchellZoo 3325.8927.151.26
Austin SeidemanWooden Nickel 80622.2623.491.23

All X01 games, sorted by PPD:

Tyler BezdicekZoo 9833.51121513313000200
Kurt SchurmanPals 0130.71121502116000100
Ernie ChandlerPlant 6929.6381502612000000
Mark SchladerZoo 3328.832100137000000
Joe MitchellZoo 3327.158151257000000
Justin HeustisPlant 1226.9510150323000000
Cameron BerglundWooden Nickel 80625.477150244000100
Reece QualeyShooters 42025.4611151292000000
Russell VincentShooters 121225.3912200338000000
Mike TeigenCharlies House 177624.866151247000000
Meretab FelekeShooters 50524.476150234000000
Larry MatthewsShooters 31224.435150254000000
Lincoln CarterWooden Nickel 80624.324150232000000
Steve DavisCharlies House 177624.207151225000100
Austin SeidemanWooden Nickel 80623.495150234000000
Kevin Brooks JrShooters 50522.994150167000000
Paul FosterCharlies House 101022.506150171000000
Ron TeigenCharlies House 177622.355150260000000
Casey Anderson{Substitutes}21.5325071000000
Mike Musick{Substitutes}21.3935090000000
Kevin DarrarCharlies House 101021.384150171000000
Steve PresnellShooters 121221.195150213000000
Jared PetersShooters 31221.034150115000000
Andrew LosethShooters 42021.036150132000000
Scott BurgessShooters 31220.942150164000000
Jason PagePals 0120.92310083000000
Jim RobertsZoo 3320.723150140000000
Tawanna BolesShooters 42020.524150122000000
Dylan HoaglandPlant 1220.52610080000000
Dustin HallPlant 6920.16210091000000
Ryan VincentShooters 121220.154151141000000
Chad Trautman{Substitutes}20.1115030000000
Pete BroylesShooters 31219.442150132000000
Nick ObermeyerPlant 6919.19310070000000
Jake Lohman{Substitutes}19.1715040000000
Dennis AndersonCharlies House 101018.834150132000000
Matt JacksonPals 0118.33415091000000
Brett WalkerZoo 9818.242150122000000
Shelby BozzutoWooden Nickel 80618.211150100000000
Kaity Davis{Substitutes}18.0015030000000
Breanna JenksZoo 9817.82315093000000
Suguru FujiwaraShooters 121217.74215090000000
Rod JacobsPlant 6917.62210020000000
Larry HeustisPlant 1217.13115031000000
Becca HermanShooters 42016.53015050000000
Tammy IversonPlant 1216.48115070000000
Amber Cassity{Substitutes}16.36110020000000
Yolanda ReedShooters 50516.31115140000000
Laura CoughenourPals 0116.13115080000000
Sam MillerShooters 50515.87015040000000
Kelli ChandlerPlant 6915.8005010000000
Dani StameyCharlies House 101015.16215010000000
Jeni DavisCharlies House 177614.86215020000000
Josh GlassZoo 9814.63215051000000

Port City Hard Way Out Schedule


If You're Viewing This on a Mobile Phone

You may find it easier to view the standings and schedule by rotating your phone into landscape mode.

C & B Music

Port City Hard Way - Player Dues $10.00 - Game Time 7:30pm
***No Play Thursday November 26th for Thanksgiving***

  Charlies House 1010Pals 01Charlies House 
  Plant 12Zoo 98Plant Bar And Grill 
  Shooters 1212Shooters 505Shooters 
  Shooters 420Shooters 312Shooters 
  Zoo 33Plant 69Zoo 
  Wooden Nickel 806Charlies House 1776Wooden Nickel 
  Wooden Nickel 806Pals 01Wooden Nickel 
  Charlies House 1776Zoo 33Charlies House 
  Shooters 420Plant 69Shooters 
  Shooters 1212Shooters 312Shooters 
  Plant 12Shooters 505Plant Bar And Grill 
  Zoo 98Charlies House 1010Zoo 
  Pals 01Zoo 98Pal's 
  Shooters 505Charlies House 1010Shooters 
  Shooters 312Plant 12Shooters 
  Plant 69Shooters 1212Plant Bar And Grill 
  Charlies House 1776Shooters 420Charlies House 
  Zoo 33Wooden Nickel 806Zoo 
  Zoo 33Pals 01Zoo 
  Wooden Nickel 806Shooters 420Wooden Nickel 
  Charlies House 1776Shooters 1212Charlies House 
  Plant 69Plant 12Plant Bar And Grill 
  Shooters 312Charlies House 1010Shooters 
  Shooters 505Zoo 98Shooters 
  Pals 01Shooters 505Pal's 
  Zoo 98Shooters 312Zoo 
  Charlies House 1010Plant 69Charlies House 
  Plant 12Charlies House 1776Plant Bar And Grill 
  Shooters 1212Wooden Nickel 806Shooters 
  Shooters 420Zoo 33Shooters 
  Shooters 420Pals 01Shooters 
  Zoo 33Shooters 1212Zoo 
  Wooden Nickel 806Plant 12Wooden Nickel 
  Charlies House 1776Charlies House 1010Charlies House 
  Plant 69Zoo 98Plant Bar And Grill 
  Shooters 312Shooters 505Shooters 
  Pals 01Shooters 312Pal's 
  Shooters 505Plant 69Shooters 
  Zoo 98Charlies House 1776Zoo 
  Charlies House 1010Wooden Nickel 806Charlies House 
  Plant 12Zoo 33Plant Bar And Grill 
  Shooters 1212Shooters 420Shooters 
  Shooters 1212Pals 01Shooters 
  Shooters 420Plant 12Shooters 
  Zoo 33Charlies House 1010Zoo 
  Wooden Nickel 806Zoo 98Wooden Nickel 
  Charlies House 1776Shooters 505Charlies House 
  Plant 69Shooters 312Plant Bar And Grill 
  Pals 01Plant 69Pal's 
  Shooters 312Charlies House 1776Shooters 
  Shooters 505Wooden Nickel 806Shooters 
  Zoo 98Zoo 33Zoo 
  Charlies House 1010Shooters 420Charlies House 
  Plant 12Shooters 1212Plant Bar And Grill 
  Plant 12Pals 01Plant Bar And Grill 
  Shooters 1212Charlies House 1010Shooters 
  Shooters 420Zoo 98Shooters 
  Zoo 33Shooters 505Zoo 
  Wooden Nickel 806Shooters 312Wooden Nickel 
  Charlies House 1776Plant 69Charlies House 
  Pals 01Charlies House 1776Pal's 
  Plant 69Wooden Nickel 806Plant Bar And Grill 
  Shooters 312Zoo 33Shooters 
  Shooters 505Shooters 420Shooters 
  Zoo 98Shooters 1212Zoo 
  Charlies House 1010Plant 12Charlies House 
  Pals 01Charlies House 1010Pal's 
  Zoo 98Plant 12Zoo 
  Shooters 505Shooters 1212Shooters 
  Shooters 312Shooters 420Shooters 
  Plant 69Zoo 33Plant Bar And Grill 
  Charlies House 1776Wooden Nickel 806Charlies House 
  Pals 01Wooden Nickel 806Pal's 
  Zoo 33Charlies House 1776Zoo 
  Plant 69Shooters 420Plant Bar And Grill 
  Shooters 312Shooters 1212Shooters 
  Shooters 505Plant 12Shooters 
  Charlies House 1010Zoo 98Charlies House 
  Zoo 98Pals 01Zoo 
  Charlies House 1010Shooters 505Charlies House 
  Plant 12Shooters 312Plant Bar And Grill 
  Shooters 1212Plant 69Shooters 
  Shooters 420Charlies House 1776Shooters 
  Wooden Nickel 806Zoo 33Wooden Nickel