C & B Music and Vending has been in the Lewis/Clark valley and surrounding areas for over 50 years. Doug Likkel started working for C & B Music in 2006 and eventually bought the business from John and Barb Jordan in 2013. 

C & B Music provides the latest and most reliable amusement equipment on the market. We carry a full line of equipment such as pool tables, dartboards, ATMs, jukeboxes, and arcade games. We also run the LC Valley and surrounding areas dart and pool leagues.

Entertainment Products

Pool table 1

Pool Tables 

Pool tables have been around for a long time, providing fun and entertainment to all. If your establishment is in need of a pool table, give C & B Music & Vending a call. We offer quality pool tables, while managing them for you. Contact us to learn more

Bullshooter dart board


One of the fastest growing sports around the world is darts. C & B Music & Vending, carries Galaxy 3 Live Dartboards. One of the most advanced dartboards out there. Galaxy 3 Live dartboards feature casual and league gameplay, new graphics and sounds, attractive full-color LED illuminations along with variety of games. C & B Music & vending, is full service shop. We manage and service all of our machines. Contact us to learn more. C & B Music also runs dart leagues. Learn More. 



Keep your establishment rockin' with the latest sounds. C & B Music & Vending rents a variety of modern jukeboxes. Our jukeboxes offer professional sound quality and endless flexibility for any budget. Your customers will have access to millions of songs in dozens of popular genres. Whether it is latest hits or classics, there is something for everyone! Here at C & B Music & Vending, we service and manage the machines for you. Learn more

Hyosung ATM machine


In today's world it's all about convenience and accessibility. Adding an ATM to your establishment, allows the customer the convenience of accessing cash without leaving your business. This will help ensure they get cash they need, when they need it.  C & B Music & Vending offers modern ATMs that can provide $5 and $1 bills in addition to larger denominations of money. By providing an assortment of devices from our company, a business owner doesn’t need to make a huge financial investment in expensive amusement devices. C & B Music owns, manages and services all of their equipment.  Learn More


Arcade Games

When you are looking for a way to bring a little more fun into your establishment,  arcade games are the perfect choice. We have an assortment of arcade games that are suitable for children, teenagers and adults. You don't need to spend thousands of dollars on arcade game machines or supplies for your business, at C & B Music & Vending, we are a one stop shop! We manage and service our machines. Contact us to learn more about our services.